Spacing Values Get Stuck

Ben Clark

Spacing values seem to get stuck, or snap when dragging them. Editing the number manually still works.

For example, if I'm trying to adjust the padding of an element, I can drag it up from 0px to 40px smoothly. However, if I try to drag it back down to 0px then it gets stuck at 22px (exact number is often different). If I keep dragging it, eventually it snaps to 3px and will continue down smoothly from there. This means that if I want to get 15px I need to enter it manually, as I can't drag to this number.


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Steve Vu

Hi Ben,

We have tested it for several time and experienced the same thing.

So our UX Design team and Development team will work together to find the optimal approach when it comes to editing Spacing and Padding.

Thank you,