Audio Child Element Request

Christopher Palmieri

Requesting an audio child element like Weebly has. I am building a Shopify website with Gempages and the site has a blog. I would like to post a podcast interview but the file is larger than the 20MB Shopify limit. I uploaded the file to Google Drives but it does not have the right extension to work with the Gempages Liquid Element.

I have a Weebly site and was able to upload the file to the audio element and have it properly posted to a blog there. Took about a minute to do what seems impossible with Gempages/Shopify. Attached is a screenshot of the Audio Element on Weebly. Request that the same be available on Gempages.


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Steve Vu

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing it with us!

Would you let know the reason why you don't choose other platforms to share audios instead of Google Drives such as Soundcloud? Which currently works fine with Liquid element.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Christopher Palmieri

Steve, thank you for the follow up question. You have to remember that as a new business owner building a Shopify store from scratch, it seems like there is an endless list of "other places" we have to go to put a complete e-commerce store together. This is evidenced by the hundreds of apps to fill in the holes. I will tell you that I chose Gempages over Shogun and Pagefly because the Gempages page builder looked similar to Weebly which I am already familiar with. I'm not familiar with Soundcloud. Here is the link to the blog post I made in minutes on my weebly site that has the podcast in question included with the weebly in-house audio element:

So the simple answer is I got so many details to tie together with building a new business, my expectations of the best apps is that they are the best. Including an Audio element that allows Gempages customers the ability add those components in house just makes your product that much better. Especially when there are others that facilitate that.

I am really looking forward to getting to the end of the list of "other places" I have to go to build this website. Hopefully my customer perspective helps!