Better blog integration with templates

Peter T

I wish the GemPages was better integrated with Shopify blog. A blog template with simple elements like article list, article carousel, article search, etc, which would dynamically populate with previous articles and photos. At the moment adding a blog post is like creating a brand new landing page having to put all elements in manually which defeats the purpose and takes enormous amount of time. So I'm just ignoring this feature and create blog articles from Shopify. Please do something with the blog.


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Status changed to: Planned


Victor Poulain

Hi there, can we have an update on the project ?


Charles P.

Status changed to: In progress


Charles P.

Hi there, Peter, Charles here.

I have exciting news to share with you! We have taken your suggestion into GemPages roadmap:
• Starting next month, GemPages will support dynamic Date, Author fields, and Make default feature for a better blog template.
• But that's not all, we'll also add article search, carousel, filter and even tag as you suggested.

Thanks for the feedback, Peter. Keep those suggestions coming. We always listen and do our best to make your business easier!

Have a fantastic day, see you soon.

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Elizabeth Barney

Hi just wondering what the status is for this request? Would love to be able to have more options to organize blog posts like via tags rather than making multiple blogs which seems to be the only option at this point