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Guys please add colour gradient in the "background colour". Basically, what you can do is, create 3 tabs, 1 for normal image background, 2nd tab for basic colour background, and 3rd tab for gradient colour background. Gradients are trending more than ever and it's super fun to play around with it and also, designs you can create with gradient colour background is just phenomenal. Check this website: blissworld.com
Their whole website is based on gradient colour and it just looks absolutely amazing.
Hope you guys consider this as well. Thanks


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Hi sulavv.11, it's good to hear your suggestion again 🥰,

We knew that designing a page with gradient color is trending in recent years so recently we've planned to bring it into GemPages, at that moment we called it "Gradient Color Picker". We will start working on it after we release the Advanced Settings Tabs that I've told you
Thank you.