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Edward C

I am almost annoyed that there is such a severe LAG on GemPages - it is almost unusable.


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Josh Fischer

Looks like Edward didn't see your response, so I'll articulate the issue we are having.
1) time to load is very slow. When I log into Gem Pages and attempt to open a saved Template. When loading, the "Rendering" logo spins for a very long time before the page opens. More than a minute.
2) Log into Gem Pages. Open a Home Page Template. Using one of your starter themes. Begin adding new widgets to the area above the templated area. Save as we progress. Eventually, there are several sections on the page. Click Save and the page will not save. We let it run for hours, but it wouldn't save.
Today I log in, go back to the same page, and all work is lost. Seems to be a server resource issue.



Hi Josh,

Thank you for your detailed description of the issue you and your team are facing.

We have already identify the issues you're talking about and have plans to fix it in the future.

In the meantime, when you meet this issue again, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success team for further support.

Via livechat: help.gempages.net/?chat=intercom
Via email: support@gempages.help

Best regards,



Hello Edward,

Thank you for your feedback,

Could you kindly record the lagging issue you're facing with loom.com?
So that I can have better understanding of your issue.

Best regards,