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Katsunari Sawada

So far, I have created each pages of Shopify with GemPages. I would like to create a template of product and blog page. As template, I will put information into Shopify and choose GemaPages as template in product page of Shopify. If so, how do I create the template in GemPages?


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Yes you can do this, as You can create product page as a template and then use the Product Assignments to assign different product to your product page


Charles P.

Hi Katsunari, Charles here!

Here's a quick guide to create a product template with GemPages:
1. Create a product page and let's design your template
2. Click the '0 product assigned' button on the top right
3. Assign the desired products to appear with this template
4. On the left sidebar, under 'Select product' section, choose 'Display by assigned product'
5. Done! You should see the results immediately

If you prefer using a product page as the default template for all your products:
1. Go to the product page listing
2. Click the three dots button on the page you want to set as default.
3. Select 'Make default.'
4. Done!

In case you encounter any issues, let's reach out to our Customer Support team via the Live chat support button on bottom right. We'd love to help you make it work quickly!

Have a great day, and see you soon.