V5.1.47 - Position Settings & Improved Interface

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  • on 30-08-2021

See what GemPages V5.1.47 brings to your store 🔥


Position & Z-Index

  • Position: Change the way elements are displayed on the screen. You can choose from 3 options. Relative, Fixed and Static.
  • Z-Index: Decide the elements' display order. Elements with higher Z-index numbers will be placed above the lower numbers.

Note: This feature is currently available for only the Row element. For more information, please refer to our help guide.


Drag & Drop Interface

We've figured out a way to make dragging & dropping 15% faster & smoother than before!

V5.1.27 - Legal Updates & Bugs Fixed

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  • on 09-06-2021

Take a look at what’s new with GemPages V5.1.27 💪


Cookie Options

GemPages uses cookies to provide you with the best website and application experience. Understanding the importance of data security and GDPR compliance, we have deployed Cookie Options for users to accept, reject or set their own cookies preferences.

Our Cookie Options pop-up will appear when you first enter the site or can be found at https://app.gempages.net/account/settings#dataPrivacy

List of Sub‑processors

To provide more transparency, we have published the List of sub-processors that GemPages uses to carry out processing activities that are essential to providing quality user experiences.

Data Processing Addendum

The Data Processing Addendum establishes GemPages’ responsibilities as a data controller and processor regarding your personal data, as well as the responsibilities of our sub-processors listed above.


Elements’ Context Menu

We’ve moved the position of the “Open Flow Actions” action in the context menu down to help you reach frequently used items easier.


  • The Image List element doesn’t work consistently on mobile.
  • Conflict between the Lazy Load feature and jQuery from the store theme.
  • Conflict between the Parallax element and jQuery from the store theme.