V5.1.73 - Fixing (P) Price Bug & "Page View" in AB Testing Report Bug

Take a look at what’s new with GemPages V5.1.73 💪


1. Starter plan replace Intercom by “Email Support” on Gempages Editor

2. Remove duplicated API alhough it doesn't impact to your actions in GemPages 


1.Fixed: This is a typo in (P) Image from "Backgound" to "Background" in Badge (P) Image > More Setting. 

2.  Fixed: The combination of Percentage Save is enabled in (P) Price and “Update Price” is enabled in (P) Quantity are not good.  Worry not, you can see that the price displays well now. 

3.Fixed: The number of “Page Views” getting from GA is limited with big data in AB Testing Report. Now, everything is Ok, Gempages support to get big data for AB testing Report