V5.1.85 - Support to display 3D image in (P)Image List

Take a look at what’s new with GemPages V5.1.85 💪


1. Gempages supports to display 3D image in (P)Image List in Live Page/Preview

Gempages knows that it is great if your customer can interact with the product to see every detail with a 3D model: turn it, spin it, zoom in, zoom out… or see from 360 degree all attributes of the product clearly including textures, sizes, colors and many more. So we provide and continue developing this feature. 

Next release, support 3D image will be upgraded with a perfect version. Let's wait for the update !!! 💪

2. Added “Session” key in AB Testing Report with tooltip: “the number of user sessions on the page”


    1. Fixed: Autofix theme2.0 error: Old “ - Product & Collection Page” and “ Product Review” elements contain wrong liquid code from Gempages