V5.1.87 - Adding + icon in Page Menu & Minor Bugs Fixed

See what GemPages V5.1.87 brings to your store 🔥


1. Add + icon for all Pages with tooltip “Create New” when mouse over

When clicking this + icon, it goes directly to Templates for Landing Page without clicking Create Template button in Landing pages so it help you to create a page more quickly. The same is applied for Home Pages, Product Pages, Collection Pages and Blog Post. 


1. Fixed: Notification already displayed in your store that is not handled well after 30 days 

2. Fixed: AB testing Campaign can’t be stopped automatically after the number of days is set in campaign settings 

3. Fixed: Test URL displays and preview is a still available in AB Testing although there is no product in Shopify

4. Fixed: “Custom URL” field displays: when clear # in Button Element > Edit link > Click Pickup button

5. Fixed: Tooltips of Page Menu display wrong

6. Fixed: Lack of view count icon in Library > Templates

7. Fixed: When minimizing the screen of the web browser, the PRO icon is skewed in Dashboard > Latest Templates