June 11th 2024

Latest Releases: New Features & Improvements

1. Resize Screenview:

  • Allows users to resize the design area in editor.

  • Allow customers to select popular devices to preview in editor.

2. Product Images Element:

Added 3 New Layouts for Product Images Element:

  • Gallery list bottom inside Featured image

  • Gallery list left inside Featured image

  • Gallery list right inside Featured image

These new layouts are available on all page types, including the Instant Landing Page.

3. Hero Banner now supports 'video hosting'.

4. Support users in adding a new blank section from the Design area.

5. New Element: Related Product

6. Fix small issues:

  • Fix losing focus while entering values in the Control settings of the Product Custom Field. This fix will also apply to other components (e.g., Dropdown element, Checkbox).

  • Recent Colors (Update the logic for displaying recently used colors): The most recently chosen color will be displayed first in the list of colors.

  • Support Hover state for Quantity number

  • Fixed a bug where previewing articles resulted in an error if the store had no published articles.

  • Fixed an error where sections larger than 256KB caused issues upon publishing.

  • Fixed an issue where the default font weight was not same in the global style when a new element was dragged in.

  • Fixed an issue where two confirmation pop-ups appeared when a user attempted to leave unsaved changes.

7. New Template Released

  • 36 sections for Hero Banner.

  • 7 sections for Product Breakdown.