April 17th 2024

V7.35.0 - Tutorial Videos for Element Settings

Tutorial Videos for Element Settings

We've launched a series of short tutorial videos designed to enhance your understanding and use of the editor's element settings. These videos cover specific settings, such as adjusting a button's width and changing its background color.

  • Improved Learning Curve: To support your learning journey, each video is crafted to quickly deliver key insights and instructions. You'll see real-use cases that illuminate the practical applications of each setting, making it easier to grasp how these adjustments can improve your projects.

  • Easy Access: These tutorials are now available directly within the editor. Access them anytime you need guidance on using different features. Follow the simple guide here to start watching and learning right away.

  • Enhanced User Experience: We've detailed each step in the videos to simplify customization of your projects. These instructions are aimed at empowering you to utilize our product to its full potential with ease.

We're committed to continually enhancing your experience with our products and appreciate your feedback as it helps us serve you better.

Stable Releases

  1. Added functionality for transferring template v6 to store v7; upon receipt, the store supports seamless utilization of both version v6 and v7 templates.

  2. Improved loading speed for the search functionality in the editor sidebar.

  3. Resolved an issue where the "Welcome Back" email was not sent upon reinstalling the app.

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