April 24th 2024

V7.36.0 - Upload Custom Fonts

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Upload Custom Fonts

Enhance your creative possibilities by uploading your fonts! This new feature allows you to break free from the limitations of default fonts and infuse your pages with a personal touch, making your designs more unique and distinctive. We are excited to introduce this feature, particularly as it has been highly requested by our valued users.

  • Personalized Design Flexibility: Easily add your custom fonts, enabling more personalized and distinctive page designs. This gives you the power to truly represent your brand or artistic vision.

  • Intuitive Management: Manage your fonts directly from the element font settings. This user-friendly feature ensures you can add and switch fonts effortlessly as you design, saving you time and enhancing your creative workflow.

  • Support for Global Style Custom Fonts: Use your custom fonts across global styles to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout your entire project. This feature eliminates the need to set the font for each element, streamlining your design process.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all our users who provided invaluable feedback, helping us shape this feature. Your insights and suggestions have been crucial in ensuring that the Upload Custom Fonts feature meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

Simple Guide for Upload Custom Fonts

Stable Releases

  1. Fixed an issue where the new editor did not open when creating a page from a template.

  2. Added more tutorial videos for element settings to enhance user guidance and support.

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