June 5th 2024

V7.40.0 (Jun 05, 2024) - Some improvements has been released

New Feature Highlights and Change Summary:

  1. New Element: Product View More Button

  2. New Preset:

  • Video Background

  • New Preset: 4,5 stars

  1. Support downgrading from a GemPages paid plan to GemPages free plan.

  2. Small Bug fixes Improvements:

  • Fix issue: Item List - Duplicate item in Design Area when clicking 'Duplicate' in Item Management.

  • Fix issue: Button Pick Link - Dynamic domain by Shopify market.

  • [Instant Landing Page] Enable opening popup with Button.

  • Custom Field Element - Add new type: 'Hidden Field'.

  • Popup Element - Support changing Popup's background.

  • Product Variants & Swatches element:

    • Added support for setting styles for each variant option of a product.

    • Some minor fixed & improvement

    • Optimize loading speed for product swatches on Live page

  • Product Images element:

    • Support Dot style for Featured Image Layout: Added support for dot indicators in Layout 4, which features a "featured image only" layout.

    • New Setting - Active Border for Image List: Introduced a new setting to add an active border for images in an image list.

    • Image Quality Setting on Instant Landing Page: Added support for setting image quality on Instant Landing Pages to optimize loading speed for product images. This feature has already been applied to other Shopify page types.

  • Theme App Extensions:

    • Automatic Integration: Custom parts such as Global Style, Script, and Custom Font are automatically linked to the live page of the current theme upon enabling the feature.

    • Simplified Management: The "Migrate theme styles" feature helps remove previously added custom parts, keeping the theme cleaner and easier to manage.

    • Uninstall Cleanly: Automatically removes custom parts from the core theme when customers uninstall the app, complying with the theme app extensions framework's deep linking requirements.

New Templates & Sections Released:

  1. Templates:

  • 7 templates for Advertorial

  • 2 templates for Click-through Landing Page

  1. Sections:

  • 30 sections for Social Proof

  • 19 sections for Brand Story

  • 10 sections for FAQs

  • 20 sections for Compare

  • 20 sections for Guarantee

  • 4 sections for Trust Badges