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Product Description - Additional Options

We've discovered a few limitations with the Product Description element and would like GemPages to look into adding further support for this. Some of our products contain a lot of information within the Product Description area and whilst the โ€˜View Moreโ€™ option is available, it pushes page content down when it is clicked. This isn't ideal. I recommend an additional option - where we can have the โ€˜View Moreโ€™ display the full product description as a popup (with option for half and full page popup and ability to scroll).Additionally, I would like to be able to have the โ€˜View Moreโ€™ to be a button with an icon.We did attempt to solve the issue ourselves, but the current โ€˜Pop-upโ€™ element option does not allow us to move the description section within it.An example is shown below:



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