Follow new updates and improvements to GemPages.

June 11th 2024

1. Resize Screenview:

  • Allows users to resize the design area in editor.

  • Allow customers to select popular devices to preview in editor.

2. Product Images Element:

Added 3 New Layouts for Product Images Element:

  • Gallery list bottom inside Featured image

  • Gallery list left inside Featured image

  • Gallery list right inside Featured image

These new layouts are available on all page types, including the Instant Landing Page.

3. Hero Banner now supports 'video hosting'.

4. Support users in adding a new blank section from the Design area.

5. New Element: Related Product

6. Fix small issues:

  • Fix losing focus while entering values in the Control settings of the Product Custom Field. This fix will also apply to other components (e.g., Dropdown element, Checkbox).

  • Recent Colors (Update the logic for displaying recently used colors): The most recently chosen color will be displayed first in the list of colors.

  • Support Hover state for Quantity number

  • Fixed a bug where previewing articles resulted in an error if the store had no published articles.

  • Fixed an error where sections larger than 256KB caused issues upon publishing.

  • Fixed an issue where the default font weight was not same in the global style when a new element was dragged in.

  • Fixed an issue where two confirmation pop-ups appeared when a user attempted to leave unsaved changes.

7. New Template Released

  • 36 sections for Hero Banner.

  • 7 sections for Product Breakdown.

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June 5th 2024

New Feature Highlights and Change Summary:

  1. New Element: Product View More Button

  2. New Preset:

  • Video Background

  • New Preset: 4,5 stars

  1. Support downgrading from a GemPages paid plan to GemPages free plan.

  2. Small Bug fixes Improvements:

  • Fix issue: Item List - Duplicate item in Design Area when clicking 'Duplicate' in Item Management.

  • Fix issue: Button Pick Link - Dynamic domain by Shopify market.

  • [Instant Landing Page] Enable opening popup with Button.

  • Custom Field Element - Add new type: 'Hidden Field'.

  • Popup Element - Support changing Popup's background.

  • Product Variants & Swatches element:

    • Added support for setting styles for each variant option of a product.

    • Some minor fixed & improvement

    • Optimize loading speed for product swatches on Live page

  • Product Images element:

    • Support Dot style for Featured Image Layout: Added support for dot indicators in Layout 4, which features a "featured image only" layout.

    • New Setting - Active Border for Image List: Introduced a new setting to add an active border for images in an image list.

    • Image Quality Setting on Instant Landing Page: Added support for setting image quality on Instant Landing Pages to optimize loading speed for product images. This feature has already been applied to other Shopify page types.

  • Theme App Extensions:

    • Automatic Integration: Custom parts such as Global Style, Script, and Custom Font are automatically linked to the live page of the current theme upon enabling the feature.

    • Simplified Management: The "Migrate theme styles" feature helps remove previously added custom parts, keeping the theme cleaner and easier to manage.

    • Uninstall Cleanly: Automatically removes custom parts from the core theme when customers uninstall the app, complying with the theme app extensions framework's deep linking requirements.

New Templates & Sections Released:

  1. Templates:

  • 7 templates for Advertorial

  • 2 templates for Click-through Landing Page

  1. Sections:

  • 30 sections for Social Proof

  • 19 sections for Brand Story

  • 10 sections for FAQs

  • 20 sections for Compare

  • 20 sections for Guarantee

  • 4 sections for Trust Badges

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May 28th 2024

What's news

Export & Import Template with Images

This update introduces a new functionality for exporting and importing templates that include images. This feature is exclusively available to users logged in as store owners, ensuring that sensitive image data is managed securely and effectively within their control.

  • Time Efficiency: Save significant time by not having to re-upload images, allowing for quicker template setup and updates.

  • Visual Representation: Enhance the presentation of templates with embedded images, providing a more intuitive design experience and helping to visualize the final product.

  • Simplified Design: Focus on a user-friendly experience aimed at improving customer satisfaction with straightforward and easy-to-navigate design tools.

We are immensely grateful to our community for their valuable feedback. Your contributions have been instrumental in developing this feature and continuously improving our platform. Thank you for helping us serve you better.

Stable Releases

  1. Improved efficiency in handling animation data to enhance performance.

  2. Increased backend loading speed through optimizations.

  3. Expanded access to custom fonts for free users.

  4. Enhanced support for all Shopify currency formatting options.

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May 9th 2024

Highlight Change Summary:

  1. Enabling the modification of SEO tags for Product Titles & Collection Titles.

  2. Resolving the issue with broken 'Tab' titles when adding more items.

  3. Implementing an 'X' button in the Product Image Lightbox to close the gallery popup.

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May 6th 2024

Release new elements detection model Image2Layout

  • The new model enhances detection performance. It boosts accuracy when spotting texts, images, and hero banners.

  • Plus, the bounding boxes will be tighter around the actual elements.

Stable Releases

  1. Improved GemAI: Enhanced ability to predict whether a row should be full width, within a container, or fixed width.

  2. Improved GemAI: Corrected the error in predicting the number of products per row when creating a product list.

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May 3rd 2024

Page Translation Support

We are delighted to introduce translation support for our pages, significantly enhancing accessibility for users worldwide. This new feature supports real-time translation of content into various languages, empowering you, our valued international customers, to engage with our platform in the language you are most comfortable with.

  • Broader Market Reach: Our latest translation capability breaks down geographical and linguistic barriers, enabling businesses to connect with and serve a global customer base. This expansion not only widens your market but also has the potential to substantially increase your customer base, boost sales, and enhance market penetration.

  • Increased Conversion Rates: With content now available in multiple languages, we help improve clarity and ease of navigation for all users. This change is designed to enhance your shopping experience, making it more likely that you will complete purchases with confidence, understanding all details about products, pricing, and purchase procedures in your own language.

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Trust: By offering content in several languages, we demonstrate our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers. We believe this will enhance your loyalty and trust in our platform, as you feel more valued and understood. This commitment is crucial for fostering repeat business and generating positive referrals.

A heartfelt thank you to all our users who have provided invaluable feedback, helping us to develop and refine this essential feature. Your insights and suggestions are crucial to our ongoing commitment to serve you better.

Stable Releases

  1. Introducing the BOGOS element, designed to support Free Gift Buy X Get Y integration

  2. Resolved an issue where animations were not functioning correctly with opacity settings.

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May 2nd 2024

Highlight Change Summary:

  • Implement default custom code for certain base elements to enable users to style elements when the Element setting does not currently support it

  • Enable the ability to change the page type even if the page is set as a default page.

  • Instant Landing Page - support for removing the default page.

  • Resolve the issue where clicking a button in the product module redirects to the cart page.

  • Image Element - Move the settings for 'Adaptive' and 'Preload' into the 'Show more' section.

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April 24th 2024

What's news

Upload Custom Fonts

Enhance your creative possibilities by uploading your fonts! This new feature allows you to break free from the limitations of default fonts and infuse your pages with a personal touch, making your designs more unique and distinctive. We are excited to introduce this feature, particularly as it has been highly requested by our valued users.

  • Personalized Design Flexibility: Easily add your custom fonts, enabling more personalized and distinctive page designs. This gives you the power to truly represent your brand or artistic vision.

  • Intuitive Management: Manage your fonts directly from the element font settings. This user-friendly feature ensures you can add and switch fonts effortlessly as you design, saving you time and enhancing your creative workflow.

  • Support for Global Style Custom Fonts: Use your custom fonts across global styles to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout your entire project. This feature eliminates the need to set the font for each element, streamlining your design process.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all our users who provided invaluable feedback, helping us shape this feature. Your insights and suggestions have been crucial in ensuring that the Upload Custom Fonts feature meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

Simple Guide for Upload Custom Fonts

Stable Releases

  1. Fixed an issue where the new editor did not open when creating a page from a template.

  2. Added more tutorial videos for element settings to enhance user guidance and support.

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April 23rd 2024

Highlight Change Summary:

  • Carousel - Support sliding to the correct item after clicking on a slide item in Slide management.

  • Carousel - Preserve slide item names when ordering.

  • Custom Field Element - [Fixed issue] Users cannot enter values in the Min or Max fields of Custom field control settings.

  • Support playing 3D model files on Product Feature Image.

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April 17th 2024

Tutorial Videos for Element Settings

We've launched a series of short tutorial videos designed to enhance your understanding and use of the editor's element settings. These videos cover specific settings, such as adjusting a button's width and changing its background color.

  • Improved Learning Curve: To support your learning journey, each video is crafted to quickly deliver key insights and instructions. You'll see real-use cases that illuminate the practical applications of each setting, making it easier to grasp how these adjustments can improve your projects.

  • Easy Access: These tutorials are now available directly within the editor. Access them anytime you need guidance on using different features. Follow the simple guide here to start watching and learning right away.

  • Enhanced User Experience: We've detailed each step in the videos to simplify customization of your projects. These instructions are aimed at empowering you to utilize our product to its full potential with ease.

We're committed to continually enhancing your experience with our products and appreciate your feedback as it helps us serve you better.

Stable Releases

  1. Added functionality for transferring template v6 to store v7; upon receipt, the store supports seamless utilization of both version v6 and v7 templates.

  2. Improved loading speed for the search functionality in the editor sidebar.

  3. Resolved an issue where the "Welcome Back" email was not sent upon reinstalling the app.

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